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Mini XH 2.5mm to Micro PH 2.0mm 2-Pin Adapter Cables 2-Pack

Mini XH 2.5mm to Micro PH 2.0mm 2-Pin Adapter Cables 2-Pack

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Female Mini 2-Pin XH Series (2.5/2.54mm pitch)
Male Micro 2-Pin PH Series (2.0mm pitch)
Total Cable Length
2 in
Cable Wire Gauge
24 AWG
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  • A simple 2-pin adapter cable that allows you to connect devices with the Micro PH 2.0mm connector to the larger Mini XH 2.5mm (2.54mm) header.
  • Eliminates the need of crimping a new connector or having to make other permanent alterations to your fans, sensors, and other components.
  • Measuring just 2.0 inches (5.0 cm) in total length this adapter is ideally sized to conform in small spaces with minimal additional wiring.
  • Note: It is physically possible to fit the smaller 2-Pin PH connector into an XH header but doing so permanently damages the female terminal pins and does not utilize the physical retention mechanism of the connectors.
  • This is a direct pass-through adapter that preserves the original device pinout. Constructed with 24 AWG UL1007 wire and rated for 2A maximum current. Designed and indiviually inspected in the United States by CRJ Electronics.

Environmental Compliance

RoHS Compliant: Yes

RoHS Certificate of Compliance documentation is available upon request

Lifetime Product Warranty

CRJ Electronics provides a Lifetime Product Warranty on our premium
sleeved PC power adapter cables, covering manufacturing and cosmetic
defects. Some exclusions apply. Click for details.

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