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Silver Kill Coil Strip 99.9% Pure Fine Silver

Silver Kill Coil Strip 99.9% Pure Fine Silver

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  • >99.9% Pure USA Sourced Fine Silver, Will NOT Corrode Like Other Silver Coils
  • Dimensions (Silver Strip): 3.2mm x 0.42mm x 76mm (Over 550mm3 Surface Area)
  • Silver Is Packaged As A Strip And Ready To Be Formed By The User For Their Specific Use
  • Each Coil Is Acid Cleaned, Triple Rinsed, And Packaged In An Airtight Bag To Minimize Oxidation And Impurities
  • Silver Is An Exceptional Antibiotic And Algaecide, Perfect For Inhibiting Growth In PC Water Cooling Loops
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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